How do I submit a past due invoice to a credit bureau?

Sharon H asked:

I have a small business and how do I submit past due invoices to the credit bureau’s

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3 Responses to “How do I submit a past due invoice to a credit bureau?”

  1. Slimick says:


    Unfortunately, you don’t have the power to do this…..You can, however, send the overdue bills to a collection agency and they may be able to post the info on the credit reports…

    The other option is taking them to small claims court.

  2. Gertie says:


    go on and check on there for sites for business owners that want to include something on someone’s report.

  3. stan c says:


    To report a past due invoice, in most cases you have to join the credit bureau in order to file. Trans Union main office is in Chester PA. Their # 1-610-833-3071

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