What is the equivalent value or range of a Vantage Score of 730 to FICO?

Chris asked:

Just checked my annual free credit report through Trans Union. I did not realize that these agencies have already adapted the Vantage Scoring method which was different from the FICO score I was expecting to know.

Got a Vantage Score of 730, can someone help me give the equivalent, a range, or a simple method to somewhat determine my FICO Score???

I do not want to spend any bucks since I just wanted an idea of how did I fair using the FICO Scoring. Thanks!


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One Response to “What is the equivalent value or range of a Vantage Score of 730 to FICO?”

  1. SPIFIMAN1 says:


    Finance is what I do for a living and the breakdown is as follows;

    Vantage system scores from 501-990.

    FICO system scores from 300-850.
    Elite-740-& up
    Sub-prime-624-& under

    So as you can see a 730 is a C under the Vantage system which means under FICO your looking at around a 626 score.

    This is based on the following; your 730 Vantage score divided by the top socre of 990 = 73.73% so if you take the top FICO score of 850 and mulitiply it by 73.73% you get 626.

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